Price List

Semen collection and evaluation with certification of its quality 1500 CZK
Semen processing for chilling (covers semen collection, evaluation and chilling) 3000 CZK
Box for transport of the chilled semen doses 600 CZK
Semen processing for freezing [covers one semen collection (regardless of number of insemination doses frozen), fresh and post thaw semen evaluation together with microbiological testing of insemination doses]. 7000 CZK
Semen storage (annual storage fee for one insemination dose) 300 - 500 CZK
One way dry shipper (CRYODRUM) 3800 CZK
Renting a returnable dry shipper 1000 CZK / 14 days
Filling of dry shipper with liquid nitrogen 400 CZK
Export administration - countries except of Australia 700 – 1000 CZK
Paperwork related to semen export to Australia (covers writting out of one Veterinary Health Certificate, fees for State Veterinary Administration, email and phone communication) 2100 CZK
Handling of stored sperm when leaving the semen bank 200 CZK
Handling of external semen for storage in the semen bank 500 – 1000 CZK
Assistance in the process of intrauterine insemination (semen thawing and evaluation) 1000 CZK

Prices are contractual