The use of chilled semen

Advantages of semen chilling in comparison with cryopreservation

  • Less spermatozoa are damaged than after freezing-thawing (fertilizing ability and survival time are similar to fresh semen)
  • Cheaper transport
  • Cheaper cost per dose
  • Excellent conception results can be achieved by depositing semen into the vagina. This method does not require either special techniques or sedation and can be easily repeated.

Disadvantages of semen chilling in comparison with cryopreservation

  • Chilled semen cannot be stored for a long time
  • Immediate transport at constant temperature of ca. 5°C and subsequent insemination are necessary (ideally within 5 days after preparation of the dose)

How we produce chilled canine sperm insemination doses

  1. Semen is painlessly collected by digital manipulation, without any sedation.
  2. It does help if an in-season bitch is available. However, this is not always essential.
  3. A chilled insemination dose can be prepared within ca. 1 h and transported in a shipping container at 5°C to its destination.
  4. Two doses for repeated insemination of one bitch can be produced from a single semen collection.
  5. Intravaginal insemination can be applied.
  6. The time of insemination must be calculated. The most reliable system of calculation of optimum time for breeding is based on blood progesterone level.

Transport and general conditions of exported frozen canine semen from the Czech Republic

  • You should inquire about the conditions of semen export from the Czech Republic to any particular country at that country’s State Veterinary Administration.
  • If serological tests for brucelosis are required, the client should ask which tests are necessary in a particular country. The dog must be tested within a short time of semen collection.
  • The client must arrange transportation of the container by a transport company.
  • Frozen Dogs provide the necessary documentation relating to semen transport.
  • The size of a styrofoam shipping container for chilled insemination doses is 29.5 x 29.5 x 18.5cm, weight 1.4kg.

Transport and general conditions of imported chilled canine semen to the Czech Republic

  • Requirements are placed only on semen imported from countries outside the European Union; transport within the EU is without problem.