Czech Canine Semen bank was found in 2009 and its origin was based on many years’ experience not only in the assessment of canine semen quality and dog semen preservation but also in area of animal and human reproduction. We provide the dog breeders with the most successful program available using fresh, fresh chilled and frozen canine semen and artificial insemination using non-surgical and surgical procedures.

We are members of European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction. You can find us between Reprovets.

Petra Přinosilová, D.V.M., Ph.D.

We provide the breeder with:

  • Complete evaluation of dog semen and the dog semen quality certificate
  • Preparation of chilled doses from fresh semen
  • Cryopreservation (freezing) of canine semen
  • Collection and preservation of epididymal sperm even after death of animal
  • Frozen semen storage in our Canine Semen Bank in liquid nitrogen at -196°C
  • Artificial insemination services in collaboration with the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University Brno. Both the surgical technique and non-invasive transcervical technique using endoscopes are available for the intrauterinne insemination.

Advantages of artificial insemination of dogs:

  • Long-term preservation of fertilization ability
  • Frozen semen can remain viable for hundreds of years, surviving the natural life-span of the stud
  • Reduction of the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases
  • Utilization of genetic material readily available without transportation of the studs
  • Insemination of quality checked sperm
  • Multiple semen doses obtained in one single collection contrary to natural service
  • Insemination of animals that are not able to reproduce naturally due to physical infirmity
  • Collection of semen from animals that have been dead for several hours